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{ project life update and printables – this week cards }

The end of the year brings about varying emotions in people. Some are excited about the coming year, some are a little melancholy as they reflect on the past or some are like my husband and fret over the fact that he has to remember to write “2013” on all his paperwork now. Seriously.
I am one that is a little of both; I look back on the year but like looking forward to what’s ahead. A new year also means a new start to Project Life. Last year was my first time doing a project of that size and I am surprised at how much it changed how I look a our everyday life. Last year was learning what I wanted it to mean to me and what I wanted my family to remember. I can remember bits and pieces of things from my childhood but a lot of it kind of runs together and even now some things from when my oldest was a baby are getting that way. I hate that. I want to remember the funny things they say or what their favorite toy was at that time.
I’m also going digital this year. It just works out best for me his way. And it’s way more cost effective. Another reason is because I like making my own journaling cards and inserts. I also like sharing them. I’m planning on including a card each week that sums up the little things of our week and I even done them up in other colors schemes too. Click the link below each card for a downloadable PDF of that image.
What other kind of cards would you be interested this year? Color schemes? Sizes? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I love inspiration!

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