Mom. Wife. Photographer. Reader. Cupcake maker.

I’m a 32 year-old English Graduate who is now a stay at home mom. My wonderful husband and I began expanding eight years ago with Queen B. Six years ago we added Big Man and recently ended our run of population almost to the day we started with Little Man. They are the best kids in the world. They also run me ragged.

I like to take pictures. A lot. Of everything. People don’t even look at me strange anymore when I have my camera. Even the squirrels in the backyard are ok with having their picture taken now.

I also like books. I was the strange kid who wanted a book instead of a toy when I was younger. My very first word book (or one that wasn’t only pictures and one syllable words) was Sweet Valley Twins #4. I still have that book too. I read romance and happy books. Books are my escape so I tend to stay on the happily ever after road.

I can cook enough to feed my family and not poison them but I am a way better baker. And cookie decorator. My claim to fame is having my butter cookies sell out at the bake sales at Queen B’s school. Yes, those are my heart cookies thank you very much.
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