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Once upon a time almost six years ago I took my oldest trick or treating for the very first time.  We were both pretty excited and had “everything” I thought.  Costumes, lighted necklaces and candy bag.  All went well until the candy bag ripped getting out of the car and trying to tape the whole shut did not impress my little Care Bear.
The second year I came across the idea of decorated paint buckets.  A scrapbooker will decorate anything I tell you and I thought “trick or treat bucket”.  And so our paint bucket trick or treat buckets were born.  It’s not my original idea but I’d like to show you how to do it though.

Step One: Gather your supplies.  There are tons of Halloween goodies in all kinds of stores including Taget and Walgreens.  I buy our paint buckets at our local hardware store which is also a slash/ scrapbook store.  We don’t have a lot of stores around here so they tend to double up.  It’s really handy.

Step Two: Glue your paper to the bucket.  I usually measure freehand first.  I used a combination of adhesive and Modge Podge to make it stick.  Don’t use too much MP or it will “wet” the paper.  You’ll need two of most scrapbook papers to make it all the way around.
Step Three: I add ribbon around the top to cover up any blemishes from trimming the paper.  And it looks cute.


Step Four: Start adding any and all embellishments you want.  We use stickers, buttons, alphabets, sequins and more ribbon.
The more embellishments the better in my opinion because some will fall off over the course of the night.

Step Five: We finish it off by wrapping the handle in ribbons.  It just gives it that finished look to me.

And that’s our Halloween Trick or Treat buckets.  The kids like decorating them each year as their tastes and styles change.  I think they look cute carrying them around.  Look-everyone’s happy!

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