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Halloween is one week from today and like most of you a lot of our preperations have already begun.

Costmues? Check.
Treat buckets? Check.
Classroom treats?  Check.
Mom’s sanity…. let me get back to you on that.

Here are a few tips to help you document your Halloween but hopefully not lose that sanity thing.

1. Have your child get in character
Don’t just take the traditional “cheese” shot; have your child get in character.  If they are a cat, ask then what a cat says and snap that moment when they meow or show their “claws”.  If they are a ballerina, ask them to do a twirl.  My favorite- ask little cops to “arrest” daddy.  They think it’s hilarious.

2. Document the details
outdoors – nature is changing everyday this time of year and there are so many different things to capture.  Snap shots of pumpkins, changing leafs and the autumn sunsets.
treats – Halloween is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) candy holiday of the year.  Between trick or treating and yummy desserts, the sky is the limit.  Snap shots of classroom treats, trick or treating haul and  pumpkins treats.
activities – parties, parties and more parties.  Fall is full of Halloween parties, pumpkin hunting and playing outdoors.  Snap shots of trick or treating, time at the pumpkin patch and making fall crafts.

3. Don’t wait for Halloween
The actual day of Halloween is always hectic for us.  Between school parties and the evening activities it can get pretty crazy and stressful you and the little ones.  I started a few years ago having them dress up in their costumes a few days before Halloween to get the more traditional shots.  I don’t feel like I missed anything before we left and the kids don’t feel cranky at having to stop the fun to “cheese”.

4. Think outside the box
Halloween is full of opportunities for unique shots.  Take shots of costume details to remember how little they are.  Also remember to switch up your angles; shoot kids from behind, upclose and from below for those special shots.

5. Go with the flow
It’s probably the most important tip.  Meltdowns will happen, costumes can get stepped on and candy can be mixed up.  Don’t be afraid to shoot those images too.  They will help tell your story and could give you several laughs in the years to come.

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