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It’s the first full week of August and 30 Days of List registration is open!
To celebrate pre-registration the 30 Lists founders, ambassadors and sponsors are participating in this wonderful blog hop to give you veteran listers and all our wonderful newcomers an idea of what’s coming from us.  

Pre-prompt: This Week’s Meals
Sunday – Sloppy Joes & french fries
Monday – Tacos
Tuesday – Spaghetti & garlic bread
Wednesday – Chicken & biscuits
Thursday – Hamburgers & chips
Friday – Pizza
Saturday – Leftovers
And for this years book…I’m going with a bag!  I punched holes in the top of each paper and put them all on a o-ring to slide right in the bag.
Interested in signing up for 30 Days of Lists?  
When you sign up for 30 Days of Lists you’ll automatically receive an email with instructions on how to access the private blog.  You’ll also have immediate access to a private (and supercool)  forum and printable downloads with all of September’s topics.  
Oh, but there’s more!  Throughout August we’ll introduce tutorials on adding images to the Flickr group, using the #30 Lists hashtag for Instagram and on using the forum.  There will also be introductions to the 30 Lists sponsors and Kam and Amy’s individual 30 Lists books.  And that’s even before we get going in September!

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